Timing of artificial intelligence: 2040 is caming.


More and more articles and prophets or technological gurus point to dates of net predominance or discontinuity for the supremacy of unconscious artificial intelligence. The press and the web reports that Google sees 2029 as a critical year while Kurzweil 2045 as a technological singularity with homo sapiens will be a species with “lesser” intelligence. Elon Mask states that the third world war could arise from this superiority. Surely the theme is alive, complex and deserves a structured and innovative approach capable of transforming into linear progress the exponential and non-linear dynamics typical of disruptive digitalization. I will try the exercise.

The scheduled timing.

I believe 2040 and 2088 as “critical” and fundamental years, milestones of this development. 2040 as the beginning of the era and of dominance and 2088 as complete affirmation and suppression of the “intelligent” role of homo sapiens. The calculations are complex and it would be too long here.  It would betray them all (those interested in detail contact me) but are based on the basic numbering 12 and on a history engineering with metric 12 and step 24.

Giving a glance back to the incarnations of the spirit of the world in a nutshell, the intelligent algorithm replaces the individual who in turn replaced the State and the Empire in its affirmation.

The divine kings became political caste, which in turn became programmers. The imperial language, dictators and therefore memes or intelligent “software” individual. If we want to be schematic and simplify we have these fundamental dates of moments and submissions

I cycle


II cycle


III cycle


Their strength in itself emerges if you read on a 12 basis, discovering that everything started in the year 1000 and we have just passed the year 1200 and we are now in 1202!

In fact we have:




Resulting exemplifications

On a simplified level, 2088 will be a year of revolution as it was in 1968 and 1848. The ’48 sees the emergence of States with respect to the Empires, the ’68 that of individuals on the one of the States The future ’88 that of intelligent algorithms / (micro-organisms connected) on individuals (us!). With a constant and linear 120-year step.

Of the five phases (each of 24) of each 120 cycle, the third moment establishes the full mediation of the embodiment of the concepts in themselves before one of these is “removed” aufheben.

For example, in the first cycle in 1800 (third quarter 24 * 3) the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was born and in those years it was a war and the affirmation of new states (France, England), however, headed by “empires”.

In the second cycle in 1920 (third moment 24 * 3) many dictators assert themselves that affirm the power of the individual (dictators), however, linked and the supreme expression of the State.

In the third cycle in 2040 (third moment 24 * 3) many “intelligent programs” (memes or automata or intelligent robots) will be established, however linked to forms and modes of interaction typical of individuals and we could synthesize our virtual eternity creating figures, robots and automata that will appear and behave similarly to us.

Instead the first moment of the cycles sees the continuous progress and affirmation of the new principle even in the previous moment.  In 1872 saw the affirmation of parliamentarians and classes of individuals of the organs of the “state”, 1992 consolidated the affirmation and almost divine centrality of programmers, as generators of software code, in which emerge new dictators and bilionaires, new caste of power capable of creating the new digital world of algorithms.

The second moment however has always represented the moment of “drift” and “break” of change of pace. The 1776 date of the independence of the United States as well as birth of the Illuminati society just 240 before the recent year 1200 or 2016 another date of strong “breaking” (Brexit and Trump) in the Anglo-Saxon world that hosts the spirit of the world.

The fourth moment represents the end of the contest of the previous moment that prepares the phase of dominance of the new. 1944 as the beginning of the end of the Second World War with the landing in Normandy, 2064 as the end of the dispute and dialectic homo sapiens vs automata that will begin in 2040.

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